Original Data Sources

Data Sources: Below displays a collective list of all the data sources that will be merged in this portal

Ensembl Gene ID Gene Symbol Anatomical Entity ID Anatomical Entity Name Developmental Stage ID Developmental Stage Name Expression Lvl - Gene Expression Lvl - Anatomical Call Quality Expression Score
UniProtKB/SwissProt AC Gene Symbol RefSeq AC Genome Position Nuc. Position Ref. Nuc. Var. Nuc. AA Position Ref. AA Var. AA Polyphen2 PMID Cancer Type Source Functional Impact Status Anatomical Entity ID
UniProtKB/SwissProt AC RefSeq AC Gene Symbol Log2 F.C. P-value Adj. P-value Significant Expression Trend TCGA Study Cancer Type Patient Freq. Source PMID Anatomical Entity ID
UniProtKB/SwissProt AC Entrez ID Gene Mention PMID DOID DOID Name Disease Mention Disease Extracted From Expression Level Sentence Type Sample 1 Sample 2 Is Same Patient Sentence Text
PMID UniProtKB/SwissProt AC Gene Symbol Entrez ID Gene Mention DOID DOID Name Disease Mention Mutation Mention Mutation Type Abstract Extraction Sentence Number Sentence Text Extraction Method Patient/Control Numbers Is Meta-Analysis Is Review
Gene Symbol/Panel Type Organ HGNC Symbol Alias Description QA State Associated Dataset Is Panel Phase Security URN Biomarker Members Biomarker Study Data Member Of Panel Referenced In Publication Reference Resource
UniProtKB/SwissProt AC Pathway ID URL Event Evidence Code
Disease Use Trade Name Manufacturer Submission Is Panel Gene Symbol UniProtKB/SwissProt AC Biomarker ID Created Biomarker Origin NCIT Biomarker Disease DOID Histological Type Approved Indication Actual Use Speciment Type Method Number Genes Adoption Evidence Clinical Trial ID Regulatory Approval Status Phase PMID Study Design Clinical Significance Drug Description Notes